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3E Matter Planning and Pricing Module

Feature List

Plan creation

  • Templates can be created in four different way
    • Basic Plans – assign resources directly to the Matter
    • Detailed Plans - assign resources to Phase/Task/Activity
    • Templates Plans – assign resources to a firm agreed template
    • Historical Plans – assign resources using actual hours from a prior matter
  • Assign named resources – Fee Earners
  • Assign un-named resources – by title or rate class
  • Fee Arrangements
    • Hourly
    • Fixed Fee
    • Capped Fee
    • Collared Fee
    • Contingency Fee
    • Conditional Fee
  • Native 3e rate setups
  • Respects existing Client and Matter Rate Discounts (Rate Exceptions)
  • Apply pre-defined 'standard' rate discounts to a plan (apply an existing Rate Exception Group)
  • Assumed yearly rate increases
  • Create templates from any plan in the system
  • Use existing ABA & UTBMS Phase/Task/Activity lists to define a plan, or create new Phase/Task/Activity structures on the fly
  • Optional Review and Approval of plans: workflow through 'Draft', 'Pending Approval', 'Approved' and 'Active' statuses
  • Approvals configurable via setups E.g. Responsible Partner to approve margin < 30%
  • Scope change – plan versioning and retention of prior versions with 'Previous' status
  • Create matter billing setups from plans;
  • Add rate discount to matter (link a Rate Exception Group)
  • Add new rate discounts to matter (create Matter Rate Exception records)
  • Add to Matter Budgets
  • Add Fee Caps

Scenario Analysis

  • Side-by-side analysis of alternate scenarios

Document Generation

  • Generate Fee Estimate Document – EDG template which can be branded to the Firm
  • Progress report – HTML report giving overview of Matter
  • Client Communications – Scheduled email run of WIP Progress report, with optional review before sending
  • Engagement Email – generates a formatted engagement email with Fee Estimate document attached.  Opens draft email in Outlook.


  • Fee Earner Dashboard Part
  • Budget v Actual reporting
  • Profitability reporting
  • Scheduled summary reporting and on demand real time reports
  • 3E reporting – no data export or separate database to maintain
  • Drill down reports to Matter, Phase, Task and Activity summary levels
  • Customizable images and thresholds for progress bars and margin traffic lights
  • Dashboard notification when Estimate % Complete greater than Actual % Fees to Budget
  • User screen to update “Estimate % Complete” and to complete a plan
  • Matter Pricing Dashboard for power users
  • Filter via management parameters e.g. Unit, Office, Department, Section, Responsible TK, Client, Matter, Gross margin
  • Create plans and templates modelled on historical transactions
  • Precedent H mapping of Phases & Tasks to Precedent H summary levels
  • Precedent H reporting – MOJ Excel report generated from one click
  • Group multiple plans in a 'Portfolio'
  • 'What If' analysis of multiple plans for a single Matter in a portfolio
  • Group plans for multiple Matters in a portfolio